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#1 Advantages of Self-Management

Managing your own rental property has some distinct advantages. What are these?

#2 Pros and Cons of Using a Professional Management Company

Are the pros more than the cons?

#3 Management Agreements

I discuss what may be hidden in the fine print of your management agreement

#4 How To Take Over The Property

Focus on the important issues involved in taking over the

#5 Which Licenses

What must I look for when making use of a professional property management company

#6 Inspections

Know your state laws. A tenant don’t have to let you enter their rental unit unless you have a legal reason

#7 Marketing

The most important aspects and ways of marketing is discussed during this lecture

#8 Renovations & Upgrades

Why is it important to upgrade and renovate the unit/s regularly

#9 Preparation of Property

What to concentrate on when preparing the property

#10 Cleaning

What are the most important items to concentrate on

#11 Maintenance

What items need regular maintenance

#12 Safety Items Inspections

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#13 Outsourcing Contractors

Which is the cheaper method – Myself OR appointing a contractor

#14 Setting Rent For The Unit

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#15 CMA

Perform rental surveys to determine the proper asking rent

#16 Gross Rents or Net rents

How shall I market?

#17 How Much Can I Charge

My recommendation…

#18 How To Handle Deposits

How to administer these funds

#19 Planning Your Leases

Long or short term?

#20 How To Make Your Property Wow!

You need to show prospective renters why
yours is better than all the others and much,
much More…

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