Is The Property Management Profession an Equalizer?

After an investor has closed escrow, if the inexperience agent hasn’t offered to ‘manage’ the property for them, many of them plan to manage the property themselves (solely licensed land brokers can manage rental properties). When these unsuspecting homeowners are faced with the subtleties of Fair Housing laws, Equal Opportunity issues, civil rights problems, anti-discrimination issues, unhealthy tenant screening problems, notice of default issues, eviction problems, and finally assortment issues several times they turn to a skilled property manager or property management company to assist rescue their sinking ship.

If rescued timely a professional property manager will turn around an investment property and facilitate build the investor’s decision pay dividends. With a competent property manager the ROI (return on investment) can really be realized and therefore the owner actually will have time to relish the investment, not dote on it or worry about it. The property management company can make sure of the investment, the maintenance, the tenants and every one of the concomitant problems associated with the property.

November 27, 2016

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